InnThrall has always been dedicated to Guest privacy and discretion, with no more than one party at a time during a reservation. A good number of you have let me know that you would like to meet and play with others with a similar mindset. With the addition of the Inner Sanctum Suite (comfy for parties of 4 or more), along with the original InnThrall Suite and Libertine Hall, a special weekend is now possible. I look forward to welcoming you to Innterlude!

Who: This event is for Exhibitionists, Voyeurs, Swingers, and Unicorns! No prior experience is necessary. All attendees must read and agree to InnThrall’s House Rules and Code of Conduct and be 21 years of age or greater.

What: 2 nights of delightful erotic adventure and making new friends! Leave the door open if you wish to invite others to watch or play or enjoy a more secluded area. InnThrall has several comfy areas to simply chat, watch, and/or negotiate without any expectations. Explore the amenities, expand your mind, and embrace unique opportunities. Soak in the hot tub under the stars and enjoy getting to know your newest friends!

When: March 15th and 16th, 2019

Where: The exact address will be provided to registered Attendees on March 13th via email.

Why: InnThrall delivers a unique, relaxed environment in which to explore your erotic adventures in a consent-centric venue. This event brings together exhibitionists, voyeurs, swingers, and Unicorns…a sweeter dream was never dreamed.

How: The InnThrall Suite and The Inner Sanctum will both be available to individual parties at a special rate for the weekend. Libertine Hall will be open to all attendees. Reserve both nights and enjoy 20% savings. There will be a (very) social event for event attendees from 7pm-1am each night. Individual tickets are limited to 35 people on each night. Up to 10 people may opt to stay overnight in Libertine Hall (or whichever Suite they’ve been invited into) with the slumber party option.

General information:

Both Suites are rentable at special rates and include party attendance and a light continental breakfast

–  The Original InnThrall Suite $400/nt (for a party of up to 3 people) Both nights $640

–  The Inner Sanctum Suite $550/nt (for a party of up to 4 people) Both nights $880

– Enjoy a 20% savings with your reservation for both nights

– Event attendance is $60/person and is restricted to 35 ticket reservations per night. Reserve for both nights and enjoy a 20% savings on both.

– Up to 10  guests may stay the night in Libertine Hall comfortably. An additional $25 will be added to stay overnight if booked in advance, $50 if added during the event. A light continental breakfast will be provided.

– The (very) social portion will run from 7pm to 1am, light snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided. Guests are welcome to bring their own legal libations and all attendees must be over 21 years of age. Overnight guests will be bid a fond farewell at 10am the morning after.

– Reservations are very limited and must be placed by March 13th, 2019. Due to the special nature of this event, reservations are non-refundable. Should Innterlude sell out, a waitlist will be established. Legal names are required of all in your party and anyone not registered will be refused admittance.

Fill out the registration form below and you will be sent an invoice via Square to secure your reservation within 24 hours.

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