Imagine crossing a portal and stepping into a secret sanctuary that you never knew was built just for you…

The Inner Sanctum Suite is the largest Suite at InnThrall, comfortable for parties of four or more! This spacious Suite boasts a Cal-King four-post, canopied, curtained bed, en-suite bath, wet bar, private patio with outdoor shower garden, an indoor heated pool, dressing area, and of course, high-end quality gear and toys for your experimentation and enjoyment. 
Your stay includes the enjoyment of Libertine Hall, our 800 sq ft Playspace where you will find…more than you’ve likely imagined. I’ll be filling in this part more fully as the glamour shots are available, but an erotic art gallery definitely awaits you along with a special dressing area, optional medical play zone, a suspension rig suitable for any number of specialized workout activities, possibly a small stage for…whatever you want, and, like I said, more than you’ve likely imagined.
Version 2
A gorgeous, custom-built cage on locking casters and featuring purple heartwood trim can sleep two with an upper and lower deck, each with a twin bed. Be sure to enjoy the multiple hard points suitable for suspension, each with its own decorative ceiling medallion. We’re fancy here, after all. 
The Inner Sanctum Suite has its own set of custom gear from our friends at Axovus. Their quality is excellent and I am always delighted to support our talented, independent artisans!

Rental of The Inner Sanctum Suite includes the use of Libertine Hall as well as the indoor, heated pool during your stay for nearly 3000 ft² of furnished, equipped Playspace for your exclusive use as well as use of the outdoor shower and the gardens and grounds.
  • Please note that most of the photos on this page came from The Inner Sanctum Suite at our previous Seattle location. We will be posting photos of the new Inner Sanctum Suite in our new location as soon as it is ready for its glamour shots.
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