How early can we arrive and how late may we stay?     For overnight stays, you are welcome to check in as early as 4PM and will be bid a fond farewell at Noon. 
Will we be alone?     Your InnKeeper will be unobtrusive but on-site. The Guest suite is completely private and yours alone for the duration of your stay.
How does Check-in work? Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by your (masked and gloved) InnKeeper in the parking area where you will find hand sanitizer and face masks. Please apply the hand sanitizer and don your gay apparel (face masks) and wear these while your InnKeeper takes your party’s temperature with a touchless thermometer, after which, they will show you to your Suite (while maintaining 6 feet of distance from you). Please find more information on our Sanitation! page.
* Should anyone in your party display a temperature over 100.0°F, they will be denied entry to the property and directed toward medical care in the community.
Your InnKeeper will give you a tour of the many amenities associated with your stay, show you where to find all that you need and how to contact an InnKeeper should any additional needs arise during your stay.
Can I bring Friends to InnThrall?     The more, the merrier! You are welcome to have friends visit, though don’t forget that reservations are based on double occupancy. Additional overnight guests are welcome at $100 per person and additional sleeping arrangements, breakfasts and linens are provided as needed.
What about noise?     What about it? Make all the noise you like during your stay! Your InnKeeper does not mind at all. When using the outdoor areas, lower volume is appreciated and ball gags happily provided.
Do you provide toys?     Oh, yes. InnThrall is wonderfully well-equipped with excellent furnishings and gear for you to explore and enjoy during your stay. Of course, you are welcome to bring your favorites from home, but if you arrive with no toys of your own, InnThrall has your ass covered (all puns intended).
You will find a fine selection of excellent gear in the Inner Sanctum Suite, and so far, Libertine Hall has more gear and toys than anyone has been able to explore completely. There are multiple cages, St. Andrew’s cross, stockade, bondage frames, hard points for suspension, cupboards full of accessories, hardware, restraints, impact toys…there’s so much more and I do not wish to bore you with a much longer list. If you are seeking any particular toys or equipment to try during your stay, you are certainly welcome to inquire as to its availability when you make your reservation. It’s probably here.
What’s for breakfast?     Right! All of this and breakfast, too! Breakfast begins when you reserve a room at InnThrall. At that time, any special requests or dietary restrictions will be noted and your breakfast will magically appear at the time requested.
A mini-fridge is provided in your lounge that is stocked with water and electrolyte beverages with room to spare for anything you may wish to bring with you. Additionally, there is a coffee and tea station, though of course, fresh coffee is made first thing in the morning!
What happens if we change our minds?     Should your plans change, your deposit is refundable in full up to 15 days prior to your stay. Alternatively, your deposit can be applied to another date. If they change last-minute, the deposit is non-refundable.
Are pets allowed?     InnThrall does not allow non-human animals on the premises. The exception is, of course, a registered service animal. In such a case, please notify the InnKeeper when you place your reservation.
Are video and photography allowed?     You are very welcome to record your adventures at InnThrall during your stay for social media, personal, and non-commercial use. Professional photographers and videographers may send requests to

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