As always, privacy is of paramount importance at InnThrall. As such, reviews are published anonymously unless express permission is given, but InnThrall will never “out” Guests.  Please enjoy these:


Many Guests prefer to post reviews anonymously and that’s just fine. InnThrall will never “out” any Guest. The Baroness gave permission to use Her name. To learn more about The Baroness, click here. Please enjoy…

The drive from New York to Reading, PA was about 3 hours and ended, going up a narrow winding road to the top and our home for the weekend where we were greeted by our hostess for a tour of the facilities.
She must have known my preferences as had me as soon as we walked in and discovered the massive, private!! pool!. I love water and latex and was ready to leap in immediately! However I was patient and allowed our gracious hostess to complete her tour. Our living quarters were attached and appointed with a massive bathroom, an intimate dining area, down a few stairs to our bedroom. With my very luxurious, 4 poster, curtained bed with a locking cage at it’s foot where my slave poindexter spent a considerably more comfortable night than usual.
There was also a small “smoking room” off to the side and an exterior door leading into the woods where I planned to play. Down another flight of stairs to….. our own! 800 square foot dungeon with various and assorted (well equipped with implements sanitized and wrapped in cello).
Last on our tour was the airlock chamber where we were to put any toys used and to pick up our breakfast and anything else we might be in need of. (We communicated by text so until we left this would be the last time we saw each other.) Our hostess left after assuring us of their air filtration system and remarked that we could play anywhere, do anything, in any state and not to worry as there was no one to see us and no one to hear any screams.
Immediately I had poindexter unpack the inflatable straight jackets as I waited in the pool, where the remainder of the afternoon was spent with me using him as my pool toy.
That evening we discovered chocolate truffles as a good night treat. Breakfast the following morning was incredible! So well presented, delicious and abundant! We chose from scrambled eggs, rosemary potatoes, bacon, sausage, fresh fruit with cinnamon, yogurt with granola and more fruit and lots of delicious coffee. After that we needed to lie about as the food digested before playing. (By lie about I mean get back into the pool!)
I felt only slightly guilty not playing in the dungeon but living in the city it is rare that I can avail myself of outdoor play. So with my massive bag of toys we headed to the gazebo where I secured my slave and tormented him at length until I received a  text alerting me to sustenance should it be needed could be found in the airlock. I released poindexter and sent him to pick up the bowl of beautiful fruits and champagne with flutes, which I enjoyed in the afternoon sun.
Time to leave came much too soon but as we did I was introduced (the only thing I had thought would improve my stay) the ambassador cat!
I highly recommend this! It’s perfect for that special getaway, can easily and comfortably house more than 2, and for those planning on filming or doing photo shoots there are so many wonderful locations.


I Remain,

The Baroness

Hear about The Baroness’ stay from the view of slave pointdexter below!


This week I had the distinct pleasure of accompanying The Baroness to a new S&M BnB, InnThrall. That’s right— a luxurious Bed n Breakfast that caters to the BDSM crowd. About 2 1/2 hours from NYC (three hours by the scenic route) there lies in the hills of eastern Pennsylvania a very posh Bed and Breakfast that comes with a private indoor pool, a large and well equipped dungeon, and lovely owners who understand the needs and desires of their clientele. Upon our 4 o’clock arrival we were met by the lovely Kathleen and shown our indoor pool, and adjoining suite, consisting of a majestic fit-for-a-queen Cal King-sized canopy bed, and a wooden slave’s cage— to be either slept on, or in. Of course I would be sleeping inside.   

After inspecting the accommodations, we were directed down a flight of stairs to a cavernous and incredibly well-stocked dungeon. There was a Saint Andrews Cross, rigging for suspension, and another square slave cage. The dungeon was big enough to accommodate a decent party, but we were just two. 

Fortunately The Baroness had brought her latex inflatable straight jackets. Mixing latex and water is one of The Baroness’ favorite activities. After inflating it was into the pool for us. Latex and water is a natural match, one that is safe, buoyant, and ultimately a hoot! 

After swimming up a storm The Baroness was ready to play. Although the huge dungeon was safe, well ventilated, and empty as well, The Baroness wanted to play outside in a small gazebo. The area is quiet and secluded so no problem going outside to play. Also InnThrall had supplied us with a sparkling Moscato and a fruit bowl to bring outside with our shackles, cuffs, and toys.

After a day of swimming and playing we were ready for dinner. Plenty of nice restaurants within a 15 minute drive. We selected one and were not disappointed. In the morning we were treated to a really special breakfast: eggs, sausage, bacon, rosemary potatoes, fruit cup along with yogurt and fruit, lots of coffee and orange juice. 

For a private, luxurious, and unforgettable getaway, InnThrall is an unbeatable destination! 

-The Baroness’ very lucky slave poindexter

Many Guests prefer to post reviews anonymously and that’s just fine. Ms. Fyre gave permission to use her name. InnThrall will never “out” any Guest. Please enjoy…
Our experience at InnThrall exceeded all of our expectations. Kathleen was very patient while we booked our reservation, and then through the scheduling process. My play partner & I had different schedules, and she was so accommodating.
When I arrived the evening of my reservation, Kathleen greeted me and gave me a tour of the space. There was so much to take in, from the nicely-furnished rooms to the overwhelming abundance of toys & furniture available for play in Libertine Hall. My play partner especially appreciated the dimly-lit, welcoming suite.
On the first morning of our stay, Luna presented us with a wonderful breakfast. It was so much food that we couldn’t even finish it all, but we greatly appreciated the beauty of the presentation & the fuel for our day’s activities. We thoroughly enjoyed the moody ambiance of the InnThrall Suite & all of its accommodations. On the second day, we were lucky enough to spend some time in Libertine Hall. I hadn’t previously grasped the scope of toys available for play, and I was thrilled to find some new things to try out. I could play in Libertine Hall for months & still not try out everything available. We were in heaven in this peaceful, sensual space.
We really appreciated how there was someone always there & available for us to ask questions. Kathleen & Luna have mastered the art of being present & helpful while being unobtrusive. Whether you’re looking to explore your kinky side for the first time or are eager to deepen your play with an immersive experience, I highly recommend InnThrall.
– Olivia Fyre
“This place is amazing! Tons of options to play and explore but also comfortable and inviting for those intimate moments between orgasms to just connect. This was everything we needed and more we didn’t even realize we were missing. Thank you so much!!!”
“My stay at the Inn brought me closer to my partner.  Allowed us to connect on a deeper level. We had to be alone together and use our words, bodies, and energy without a tv. We know now that we are in love, can be together in silence and are looking forward to what the future has in store for us. InnThrall has become a part of our relationship! *It will be our annual Bday thing FOR SURE!”
“I have always loved throwing parties. I was fortunate enough to have a partner of 20 years who also enjoyed entertaining, and during that time we had dozens of memorable gatherings with family, friends, and friends-to-be. But, now I live alone in a one bedroom apartment in a building with no social space, so I haven’t been able to host parties for the past few years.
Fortunately, I heard through our community of InnThrall, located on the North side of Seattle, about 20 minutes from downtown. As a strictly “Kinky Bed & Breakfast,” it has a beautiful Suite for rent, with a Boudoir with several toys and play areas, a Sitting Room with comfortable seats and erotica to browse, and a private Bathroom. The entire Suite is quite well appointed with kinky toys, books, and furniture, but there is also the upstairs “Libertine Hall” available for rental. This is where my party centered, and both me and my guests were delighted that this Hall was available to us for the night!
There are so many good things to say about the space that I don’t want to forget the one aspect of the rental experience that I found fundamental to hosting a successful party there – innkeeper Kathleen Ashford (yes, her name is used w/ her permission, as it is published on the Inn’s website at She has put together a space that is safe, secure, sex-positive, and welcoming for anyone’s kink. Her Inn has been open for a couple of years now, and is starting to pick up a regular clientele. Kathleen is a longtime kinkster and member of the Seattle kink community, and knows how to provide a Risk Aware Consensual Kink environment like any right-thinking kinkster does.
The website lists many of the pieces of equipment and other deviant accoutrements throughout both the Boudoir and the Libertine Hall, but what it doesn’t really give a good feel for is the atmosphere that Kathleen has sewn into her labor of love that is Inn Thrall. There is more kinky paraphernalia than can be used at one time, even with 20+ people in the room, but the space is big enough to easily move the big pieces around for quick use. There are numerous cabinets housing every type of kink gear imaginable (and I’m not really exaggerating too much when I say *every*). There is ample comfortable seating arrangements, as well as a hot tub outside — Kathleen describes that “it fits six people comfortably… and 10 people *more* comfortably!”
I was able to negotiate with Kathleen to cater foods for my guests; while it is not part of her listed services, the vision I presented her for my party was something for which she felt comfortable going the extra mile. We discussed very general menu items and costs, and after that I trusted her to do the magic. And magic it was! The “heavy hors d’oeuvres” that she served were both plentiful and scrumptious. And, it being my birthday celebration, she was also able to have an amazing cake made and served up to my guests. There was EVERYTHING needed to have a successful party; food, drink, music, toys, space… the whole thing. And most of all, a kinky atmosphere rivaled by few places I’ve visited.
After our party, my Miss and i retired to the Boudoir and both quickly fell into a deep sleep in the comfort of the space. In the morning Kathleen had coffee available early in the Sitting Room, followed by a delicious breakfast of French Toast, fruit, and bacon.
While I likely asked for more than most would hosting a party there, Kathleen was able to accommodate and deliver beyond my expectations. Inn Thrall is a wonderful place for any Kinkster to visit and/or serve as a venue for the hosting of a phenomenal play party.”
“Your Inn now holds a very special place in my heart, right up there with my Miss’ dungeon and den. It was comfortable, kinky, well appointed, and a great environment to have a wicked party. Your hospitality and skill at catering is beyond my wildest expectations, and I truly don’t see how you can do it!”
“Dearest Kathleen, words cannot express how overjoyed and happy that you were part of our ceremony. Without a doubt, it was the best and most meaningful part of our stay.The room itself was elegant and tasteful; we really appreciated how helpful, accepting and attentive you were, even to the point of lending us your playlist. You were exceptionally accommodating. I’d write more but I’m at the end of the paper 🙂 “
“My husband and I had an incredible night at InnThrall. The Suite is spacious, beautiful, comfortable and well-appointed. I think we were both a little nervous going in, but Kathleen helped us feel at home and completely comfortable. We’ve only explored B&D at home in a limited capacity (because noise wakes up the kid, you know) and this space was perfect for us to cut loose a little, try a couple new things and make some noise together. It was definitely an inspiring date night. We hope to come back again!”
“Dear Kathleen,  I wanted to again let you know how much we enjoyed ourselves Saturday night and thank you for being so accommodating. It was a pleasure meeting you. We hope to have the opportunity to visit again soon.”
“A big, big, recommendation for anyone who wants to try an exotic and luxurious romantic B&B getaway in the Seattle environs — Inn Thrall. Just got out of the huge, secluded outdoor hot tub and had a wonderful time talking with our hostess. It’s kink-friendly & well worth every dollar if you’re looking for a place to take someone special. Or a well-equipped place to do something special. Honestly though, I may come here all by myself someday just because everything’s so beautiful and comfortable. :-)”
“It was a nice cool retreat for the hot summer….There were so many options I kept noticing something new. A long stay would be required to truly indulge in them all and would be worth the time spent in such pursuits. The hostess was warm and inviting. She provided plenty of privacy and was quick to provide any assistance if needed.”
“We loved the obvious care and dedication put into each and every detail. The mirror at waist height and handles placed just so are genius. The hostess is polite and kind. She genuinely cares that her guests have the best experience. We wouldn’t have thought to stay at InnThrall had we not won the gift card (fundraiser raffle prize), because we don’t consider ourselves very hard players. Aside from light rope roughly twice a year I’d say we’re quite vanilla. InnThrall was SO MUCH FUN for us! You don’t have to be into whips and chains to appreciate a private sexy getaway where anything you want to do is possible (even if it’s skinny dipping). I’d encourage folks of all kinks and kinky-nesses to stay here. Thank you, Kathleen!”
“We had such a sexy, fun, lovely experience. Romantic fires, delicious coffee, so many toys! With such a big-hearted Hostess”
“We recently rented Inn Thrall’s Libertine Hall and were amazed at the selection of toys and various equipment. If you want to explore and try new things, this is a great place. The room was large and inviting. She provided water, towels, and a place to shower. The hostess was friendly and gracious with her time. answering all of our questions about the various items available.   —-Thanks again! I’m sure we’ll be back :)”
“I heard about Inn Thrall on social media and was immediately intrigued. My partner loves getaway stays in hotels and B&B’s, and this one spoke to many of our lifestyle and relationship interests. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the website made the place look very enticing.
I emailed Kathleen and she responded right away. She was very friendly and answered all my questions – even important ones I hadn’t thought to ask! Sometimes you just get a good vibe about someone right from the start. That’s how I immediately felt about Kathleen. I went ahead and booked the suite for a day a few months out. Although InnThrall offers a dungeon rental as well, the suite looked well appointed and I didn’t think my partner and I would need the extra space.
The location isn’t as remote as I thought. In fact, the neighborhood is quietly suburban – but when you go inside it’s like the outside world falls away. (It just goes to show that you never know what’s in your neighbor’s basement.)
The rooms are sumptuous without being cheesy. The decor gives a classy continental feel but never slides into crass indulgence. If I needed to choose a word for the suite, it would be “elegant.” It’s not snobbish or off-putting – I felt very comfortable. A positive energy permeates the building. It’s very evident that Kathleen has put a lot of thought, a lot of work, and a lot of love into InnThrall.
The suite is amazing. You get a comfy private lounge as well as a bathroom and a bedroom. The bedroom itself is large and well appointed, with elegant touches like candles and a fireplace and a luxurious bed with plenty of pillows and tasteful bedding. And the toys! A selection of safer sex supplies; a small cage; wall hardpoints; tie points on the bed (which also has a convenient latticed metal frame); a large variety of impact toys; and a whole cabinet of restraints such as cuffs and collars. All are available for use and all are included with the suite. There is also a shelf of intimate items available for sale.
The ambience of InnThrall is suitable for everything from “vanilla with sprinkles” to full on intense BDSM. My partner and I were encouraged towards some exploration, and had several intense encounters there. It’s a comfortable space to play as hard or as soft as you want.
There’s not just the suite. The location offers a private deck and a secluded hot tub. We very much enjoyed both!
Kathleen is a gracious and attentive hostess. We both felt so welcome, like old friends she was putting up for the night. She was always available if we needed anything, but was not nosy or intrusive. Kathleen consistently goes above and beyond to see to your comfort. She provided spa water when we first arrived and left a carafe of warm coffee out for us. She even had half and half available, which I think was a personal touch for us. Breakfast was amazing: strawberry french toast, both bacon and sausage, coffee, juice, and a bowl of yoghurt with fruit.
I also booked a one hour consultation for myself and my partner. Kathleen is very knowledgeable about polyamorous and/or kinky relationships. She provided a safe space to talk, and helpful insights. I left with increased confidence, and having learned more about my partner.
The whole experience was amazing! Everything from the house to the Hostess far exceeded my expectations. It was with great reluctance that we bid adieu – but actually, it was au revoir. We will definitely return. It will take many, many more visits to explore all the suite’s possibilities, and I could happily stay there for days on end. InnThrall feels like a second home, one right out of my fantasies.
We had a fantastic time and can’t wait to go back. Thank you, Kathleen ”   -Sir Panda

Quotes collected from Guest surveys:

“The comfort and safety”      “All of the inspiring options”      “Comfortable, inviting, accessible”      “Blown away by overall commitment of Host and Space!”      “Kink and sex positive, the fire laid in, Kathleen, lack of tv=awesome!”      “Playing in a judgement-free environment under the protection of our fairy Gothmother (godmother)”      “The essence of the hostess, collection and selection of interests”      “light energy”      “The chair in the suite”      “It’s perfect”      “Still reveling in current amenities :)”     “We were nervous at first but got more comfy as the night progressed”      “This was truly incredible and we love you”      “The hostess does a wonderful job of making people comfortable and encouraging exploration”      “Thank you so much for hosting us in such a beautiful and well-maintained space!”      “Keep doing what you are doing, it’s working.”      “We/I/He will be visiting again in the future!”      “Kathleen felt welcoming and kind…lovely”      “Can we move in? J/K”      “Pleasantly surprised all around”     “…variety and feeling of comfort”     “There’s more?!?”   “The sheer variety of toys/tools/implements was incredible! Beautiful to look at, comfortable to stay at, private space.”     “Loved everything!”   “Thanks for a wonderful experience!”     “Peace and Quiet – Good energy”     “Your hostessing was divine. We loved the freedom to make noise!”     “Magic”     “Kathleen is delightful; she could host in a woodshed and it would feel like home.”     “You thought of everything!”
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