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InnThrall is deeply fortunate to have a lot of wonderful people and businesses to count among its community. This is a page to recognize them for contributions to events as well as being some of my favorite suppliers, educators and artisans!
None of these are compensated, I just like them.

Posted 4/2023 WHAT EXCITES US! Hosted by the ethereal Gwyn Isaacs, certified Sex Coach and Educator whom I was fortunate to meet during an inaugural “industry” networking event on a very rare occasion that I actually left the house for.

Lucky episode 13! This was actually recorded long ago and only now did I remember to make sure that it was on this page. I could have sworn that it was already here. My bad. Thank you, Gwyn! You were a treat to chat with.


Posted 10/2022 PODCAST JOY! – InnThrall and I were honored by a visit from @SirInq https://www.instagram.com/sir_inq/ and his thoughtful submissive who planned their getaway as a birthday gift for her Sir. He has a super-cool podcast and gave me *feelings* đŸ„° with his review of their stay, as well as excellent footage, when they surprised me with a link to it. Check out his Youtube channel – link below! #HappyGuests #SirInq #MistyEyed #InnThrall

The InnThrall Experience by SirInq https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seKIKgNFIls

Posted 8/26/2022 Episode HERE I recently had a lovely chat with @heytherecatsuit on the @whatwomenwantp1 podcast which you may find the recording of in all of these places: @iheartpodcasts \- https://www.iheart.com/podcast/269-what-women-want-74758083/?cmp=web\_share&embed=true ⁠
@spotifypodcasts \- https://bit.ly/spotifywwwpod⁠
@applepodcasts \- https://bit.ly/applewwwpod⁠
@googlepodcast \- https://bit.ly/googlewwwpod⁠
stitcher – https://bit.ly/stitcherwwwpod⁠

BLIND MAN IN BLACK11/2021 My *very* first time…being interviewed for a podcast! Only Brian and Rachel Snyder could seduce me into such a thing and here it is. Microphones and cameras are still terrifying, but possibly slightly less so after our conversation that went…all over the place. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipUlV08VF5U

Why? The Podcast – “BDSM B&B InnThrall” – Premiered Mar 13, 2022 “If you’re looking for a kinky get away, with everything needed for some BDSM fun, look no further than this week’s guest. We talked with Mistress Kathleen from Inn Thrall. She tells us all about the beautiful rooms and options for guests. We also go over the three house rules, which, may surprise you….”

PASSIONAL! – Boutique and Sexploratorium in Philadelphia. Excellent selection, fantastic staff, and full of items that could make the most stoic of us pant with pleasure.

Pulse – It’s a bedside, touchless, warming lube dispenser! If you’ve stayed at InnThrall, you’ve likely had the opportunity to enjoy Pulse.

Crave – InnThrall is excited to carry a couple of “InnKeeper Approved” signature items in the soon-to-open Gift Shoppe (open to Hosted Guests only)!

Bawdy Storytelling – The original sex and storytelling series!

Mason Luke In his own words: I am Mason Luke, and let me tell you a little bit about me! I have been selling sex toys for 15 years and specialize in the LGBTQ+ Community. As a queer transgender man, I have a more unique perspective on product usage and inclusive marketing of various products. I am a sex and product educator; I do product testing and reviews. I have relationships with several businesses whose products or businesses I recommend.

Also Mason Luke: After 18 years of selling adult products, I’m EXPANDING! I started a second business with a slightly different focus. The Mission is to create a community of Pleasure Allies in various sex-adjacent fields who recommend high quality products to others. I wanted to give those sex educators and influencers a way to make a commission on the work they are doing via an affiliate program. You can learn more about the program by visiting:  Become A Pleasure Ally Affiliate! — Pleasure Allies

Axovus – Axovus has created a good number of these devices and gear found at InnThrall and are one of my favorite evil geniuses.

Boudoir by Baronial – Boudoir photography is a passionate art and luxury experience. Sometimes we lose ourselves in the day to day hustle, but a boudoir session is just what we need to return us to our thriving state of being. It’s sexy, it’s sensual, it’s where we come alive.  *Inquire about adding a boudoir photography session to your stay when you make your Reservation request*

Dark Garden Unique Corsetry Where Beauty & Comfort Converge
The most experienced name in modern corsetry, Dark Garden has been handcrafting bespoke corsets in San Francisco since 1989. Each one is a masterpiece of fit expertise and exquisite construction, sewn on-site in our Hayes Valley boutique.

Kinky Salon – Defies Description!


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